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Welcome! For many the church is historic, not relevant and of a bygone age. In a time when men and women want to know what is real and genuine, and who they can trust. We have found that the simple message of Jesus is real, practical, and when truly lived out every day, is seen as authentic.

We want to be the church, reaching out to the whole person, ministering to the social, spiritual, mental and the physical needs of those we come in contact with.

You will discover a welcome that demonstrates God’s love and a safe place to come and seek God’s amazing grace.

St Matthew's Church building is notable for its Art Nouveau architecture by WD McLennan, and stained glass window by Robert Anning Bell.

 The church walls are constructed of Scottish red Permian sandstone from Dumfries in the Scottish Borders. Particularly noteworthy are the Expressionistic parapet walls, which curve on both plan and elevation and arranged asymmetrically on the corners of the nave. The roof slates are grey Burlington from the English Lake District.

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